Skype Broadcast: Effective Project Management with Project Online

Join us for an enthusiastic Skype Broadcast about Effective Project Management with Project Online.

Click here to watch now:

Below a little taste of what we are going to present:

See how you can

  • provide help and support to your users
  • without any extra effort,
  • just by giving them instructions
  • directly into your Project Detail Pages.


Learn how PMO’s can

  • keep your organization always updated
  • with the latest templates
  • and how to quickly roll out new ones.

PPMPro Template Pack

And to make ALL USERS happy, let’s

  • generate a LIVE PowerPoint presentation,
  • using data from Power BI,
  • directly from your browser,
  • SHARE with your team in your Project Site,
  • ATTACH and SEND by email

all this without any code or customization!

Status Report PDF