Analyzing Project Online Resource Data with Power BI Sankey Custom Visual

Power BI Custom Visuals are amazing and give us an unlimited amount of possibilities to analyze data!

I will try to make a series of posts where I can show how to use each of them on different scenarios…

Let’s start with the Sankey with Labels.

  • A popup window will show details of the custom visual
  • Click on Download Visual

  • This custom visual works with Source, Target and a Value.
  • See in the picture below how cool they are presented:
  • Note that the thickness of the pipe/line is according to your Value data.

  • Play around with some other Values
  • Some other Sources and Targets and there is a cool result! J

  • Publish or upload your Report to Power BI

  • When access for the 1st time remember to Enable Custom Visusals

  • That’s it!
  • Your report is done and you can enjoy your beautiful data anywhere.

  • You can always add some slicers to narrow down your data

  • Not ending here…
  • You can even pin these charts to your dashboards making them ALIVE for every time you need your data!

  • Don’t forget to try it on your mobile phone or tablet