How to Create an Excel Gantt Chart with Project Online Data + Power BI

You are not dreaming!
You can easily create a Gantt Chart directly in Excel using a FREE app and also publish it to Power BI!

We will need:

  • Project Online account
  • Projects data
  • Excel 2013 or 2016
  • Gantt Chart for Excel App

Let’s create our Gantt Chart of projects from Project Online and publish it to Power BI.

  • Open Excel
  • Create a New Query ā€“ From Other Sources ā€“ From OData Feed

  • Use your Project Online OData Feed URL

  • Select on the Projects table
  • Click on Edit

  • Select at least the following fields:
  • ProjectName
  • ProjectStartDate
  • ProjectFinishDate
  • Click on Close & Load

  • Insert a New PivotTable using the workbook’s Data Model

  • Add our columns in the following order
  • ProjectName
  • ProjectStartDate
  • ProjectFinishDate

  • Add the Office App “Gantt Chart for Excel” under the Insert tab, My Add-ins button
  • In case you don’t have it already, just install it from the Store in See All

  • Create your layout
  • Then click on “Select Table

  • Select the range table
  • Click on OK.

  • And that is it! J
  • You have now a cool Gantt Chart in Excel showing Project Online data

  • Upload your file to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Now you can access it directly in the browser!

  • You can also import it into Power BI

  • That is our Gantt Chart in Power BI

Hope you like it! J