How to Update my Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365

Microsoft created a new way of purchase, download, install, activate and update software that is MUCH EASIER for everyone! J

  • The purchase model is now based on subscriptions, like NETFLIX.
  • The download is a tiny file that connects you to a Microsoft Office 365 account
  • The installation is using the new technology Click-to-Run, which allow you to start using the product without even finish the download!
  • The activation, like any subscription model, is based on yearly or monthly basis and it’s done automatically!
  • The update is what we are looking for in this post, so just follow the steps below:

How to Update my Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365

  • To update your Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365, first of all, open it.
  • You can press the Windows key or type directly into Cortana: “Project
  • Click on Project 2016

  • Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 will open for you

  • Press the Escape key and then click on File to access the backstage

  • In the backstage
  • Click on Account
  • You will be able to see the current version of your Office under Office Updates

  • Click on Update Options
  • Then click on Update Now to check for and apply updates for Office

  • Your Office Click-to-Run will check and apply all new updates for you
  • You will see a progress bar (in your favorite language)
  • And then a message telling you if your Office has been updated or it’s already in the last version

  • Click on Close (Luk in Danish)
  • Done!