Create your Microsoft Project Online Content Pack for FREE in Power BI

Hello All,

The Microsoft Project team have created a Power BI Content Pack for Project Online, ready to use, for FREE and it’s now available for you!

it’s incredible simple to create:

  • You will see the Get Data page automatically,
  • or click on the Get Data button in the bottom-left of the Power BI page

  • there many services available for you to start creating your dashboards, but take the important one for now:
  • click on Microsoft Project Online
  • then click on Connect

  • type your PWA URL, https://%5Byourtenant]
  • click on Next

  • wait a second…
  • select oAauth2 as Authentication Method

  • wait for Power BI to import your data…

  • in few seconds you will see the new Microsoft Project components in your left bar:
  • Dashboard
  • Report
  • Dataset
  • Remember that you must have data…

  • Try to click on any of the tiles in your dashboard
  • You will be redirected to the associated report
  • In the reports you can fully interact with the data
  • Filtering
  • Highlighting

  • Remember to check all available tabs..
  • Issues
  • Project Status
  • Project Compliance
  • Risks